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Marcio de Sousa, Tobibi, Tome Iliev
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The Nozez is a collective and musical family - in always changing formations they cultivate the fine artzz of Balkan Roma street chabbis & transform into their own version of contemporary folk music. The basis - their voices, acoustic instruments, old folk songs and modern club music, emotional live performances and their long-standing friendship. There is love on the stage, in the halls and streets and everywhere they go.

Tome Iliev - clarinet, vocals, Kavadarci (Macedonia)

Sorin Spasinovici - Viola (Romania)
Seraphim von Werra - accordion, Winterthur (Switzerland)
Valentin Baumgartner - guitar, bass, vocals, In Our Hearts

Tarek Beswick - french horn, vocals, Bordeaux (France)
Tobibi- guitar, vocals, Winterthur (Switzerland)

Márcio de Sousa - drums, Zurich (Portugal/Switzerland)

Tobibi, Sorin Spasinovici, Márcio de Sousa, Tome Iliev
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